Always going off.
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The Break Down:

OffShore Surf creates a connection to surfing and its lifestyle in a contemporary core setting that appeals to fans and surfers alike.

Surf Anywhere

OffShore Surf:

When the wind blows off shore, surfers drop everything to get to the beach. This wind creates rare and exceptionally fun surf. At OffShore Surf™, it’s always going off.

OffShore Surf indoor venues combine surf lessons, training, competition, fitness, entertainment, F&B, surf retail, and board sales all under one roof. Sport and culture meet and merge at OffShore where anyone can learn to surf.

With surf sessions going off all day, the best surf brand representation, and a modern dining and nightlife experience, OffShore Surf can operate 16 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

From soft rolling whitewater waves to hollow right and left barrels, only proprietary SurfStream technology from American Wave Machines delivers a full range of surf experiences in a compact space.

Why operate
an OffShore Surf?

The world loves to surf.

Surfing is the #1 Most Aspirational Sport in the United States (source: Repucom)

A turnkey solution with multiple revenue streams:

  • Competitive surfing leagues and contests
  • Sponsorships and brand partnerships
  • Surf coaching and athlete development
  • Fitness facilities and classes
  • VIP zones
  • Nightlife
  • Memberships
  • Automated video and photography system
  • VIP board riders club
  • Surfboard demos and equipment rentals
  • Surf themed food and beverage
  • Large scale events

The Future of “Out
of Ocean Surfing”
is American Wave

American Wave Machines is the world’s leading wave technology company producing authentic surf experiences through SurfStream® and PerfectSwell® technology.

The breakthrough technology delivers wave riding capability ANYWHERE, with indoor, outdoor, large scale, or small scale solutions.

Since 2007 over 3 million surf sessions have been enjoyed at American Wave Machines locations around the globe.

Let’s Get Started:

Call us for more information and details about opening your OffShore Surf venue.

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